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Latest posts

  • Ikegami_cam_logo

Ikegami Camera Control added to Stagebox

We’ve added support for the Ikegami Camera Control Protocol (ICCP) to Stagebox so now you can remotely rack an Ikegami camera over an IP link with accurate and low latency control. Stagebox seamlessly passes all […]

  • Xilinx_Kintex_7_325T

Stagebox and Typhoon powered by Xilinx FPGA technology

A key feature of Stagebox and Typhoon is their ability to adapt and grow with new requirements and changing standards. This flexibility derives from the fact that FPGA devices supplied by Xilinx Corporation is at the […]

  • EE Trials 4G Broadcast for FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, connected by EE

BBC tests 4G broadcasting at FA Cup final using Stagebox to deliver content to EE

Interesting press release from EE showing how 4G technology was used during the FA cup final. Stageboxes were used to carry content from the OB truck to EE’s network………

EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications […]